Non Latex Non Sterile Single Use Only Protective Gear Read Instructions Before Use Sun Use Wet


Product overview



2.8 - 5.0mm id

Working length

200mm approx

  • The PUSH THRU™ Cleaning Brush can be used for effective manual cleaning of endoscope lumen channels from size 2.8mm to 5mm with a single pass.
  • The unique wiper element design of the PUSH THRU™ Cleaning Brush provides a complete circumferential seal in the endoscope channel, thereby removing almost all soil in a single pass with its 5 cleaning actions.
  • Used to clean the channel between the suction port and instrument channel on Bronchoscopes.
  • Dual action both cleans the channel and creates a barrier to stop soil being drawn into the channel when the instrument channel is being cleaned (see diagram and video).
  • Used in combination with other PULL THRU™ cleaning Brushes.
  • The PUSH THRU™ cleaning Brush is disposable, removing the need for complicated cleaning and sterilisation procedures of reusable brushes.
  • The PUSH THRU™ Cleaning Brush is available in convenient 60 piece bulk packs.



  • Always check the fit of the PUSH THRU™ Cleaning Brush in the distal end prior to use, to ensure the correct brush has been selected.
  • Don't forget to withdraw the PUSH THRU™ Cleaning Brush slightly, as shown in the videos, to ensure the main channel is clear before inserting the PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush required to clean that channel (see the videos and images).
  • The PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush products clean best when submerged in a detergent bath (always wet the wipers prior to insertion in a channel) – watch the video on the home page of this site for a demonstration.
  • If you have accidentally used the wrong brush for your channel do not try and pull it out. Doing so may damage the scope and cause expensive repairs.
  • The PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush products are designed to clean in a single pass. You should follow your in-house procedures when determining the number of passes to make through each channel.  Always brush until the channel is clean.