Training Unit for Scope Channels | PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush
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Training Unit for Scope Channels

Introducing the new TASC Training Unit for Scope Channels. This device was created enhance training for devices used in the scope channel. Users cannot see the inside of most channels of instruments they are working with. By providing a clear channel, users are able to visualize how devices react with in the channel of the TASC.

Try the PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush inside the TASC unit to see how the brush makes a 360-degree seal, touching all sides of the endoscope channel. Submerge the unit in detergent and see how the seal pulls detergent into the channel.

What Happens Inside The Channel? - Download brochure

For more information or to purchase the TASC Training Aid for Scope Channels please email us at

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