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The PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush was created to effectively clean channelled instruments. The below studies feature the PULL THRU Cleaning Brush and show how it is more efficacious than other cleaning brushes.

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Charlton Study, Australian Infection Control

The Charlton study measured the weight of pre-loaded soil removed after a single pass of PULL THRU™ versus six passes of various bristle brushes.


Deventer Study

The Deventer study compared the amount of protein removal in the channel of a range of colonoscopies after brushing with a reusable bristle brush, a single use bristle brush and a PULL THRU™.


Birmingham Study, University Hospitals

The Birmingham study assessed the performance of the PULL THRU™ after one pass through a pre contaminated channel against a bristle brush after five passes through the channel using a Ninhydrin test to measure detectable protein and a visual inspection was made to detect soil.


Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

In this study, the Authors reprocessed endoscopes each day for five days, storing them wet overnight to facilitate biofilm growth. A range of detergents and cleaning brushes were used to see which would give the best results in the manual cleaning process.


Frontiers in Medicine

This study investigated the sampling of duodenoscope channels. Though not directly related to the cleaning capabilities of the PULL THRU Cleaning Brush, the study provided some interesting findings.

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