PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush Removes More Soil
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PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush Removes More Soil

by Rod Galantai

Removes More Soil

Some comments from the study:

"This study aimed to determine the most effective cleaning device among three different types of brush. The results indicate that the PullThru device is the most effective of the three at removing contamination from the internal channels of endoscopes, demonstrating a 93% greater efficacy than the Single Headed Brush and a 79% greater efficacy than the Double Headed Brush."


PullThru Comparison Study (Oct 2021).

Author: Dominic Huggan

Reviewed: Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowsk

This paper was funded by F R Galantai Manufacturing Limited

Click here to view the full study PDF

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